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Visitors' Comments
Visitors' Comments
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Our unique museum opened to the public in May of 2000.   Since then, by late 2018 we have had more than thirteen thousand visitors come in to tour our exhibits that include more than four hundred Canadian clocks spanning two centuries.  Some examples date back to the 1820s and 1830s, with wood gears! 

There have been people from every part of Ontario, from every province of Canada, from most states in the United States, and from many countries around the world.  Many visitors sign our guest book, and below we include some comments from the hundreds recorded over the past eighteen years (at December 2018). 

The museum is located just thirty seconds off the trans-Canada highway 17 in the west end of Deep River in eastern Ontario.  We invite you to drop in and find out for yourself.  Bring your camera!

"Great tour and collection."

"Thoroughly enjoyed the tour."

"Merci beaucoup!"

"Great tour, learned a lot thanks."

"Very interesting. Congratulations!"

"The collective sound is quite soothing."

"Very well done, the best clock museum I have seen."

"Enjoyed it very much. Well organized."

"Bravo! Magnifique collection et intéressante!"

"Wonderful. Worth the drive."

"Thank you for having such a wonderful museum."

"A marvelous job.  Something Canada needed.  Thanks."

"Well displayed collection."

"Thank you so much for preserving the history."

"A different and very interesting museum."

"An inspiration! Thank you."

"So very well done - worth it!"

"A real treasure."

"Great tour of time!"

"A learning experience not to be missed!"

"The sound of the clocks ticking and chiming is lovely!"

"A great visit through time."

"Interesting, and Canadian too!  Great."

"Takes us back!"

"I like the Sesame Street clock best."

"Fascinating collection, well presented."

"Brought back memories. Love it."

"Interesting Braille clocks."

"A unique and valuable collection."

"We really enjoyed our tour."

"This is heaven."


"I learned a lot about clocks."

"Love the sound of all that ticking."

"Time to go home and check my family clocks"

"Beautiful - great experience."

"Tour guide very well informed."

"A wealth of fascinating information."

"This museum is a thrill to see."

"Delightful - brings back old memories."

"Glad we took the time to visit."

"Who would have thought Canadian clocks would be so interesting?"

"Great history lesson."

"Love the chimes and 'hearing' the passage of time."

"A treasure to discover."

"Glad that we stopped. We enjoyed every display."

"Tour wonderful - learned so much."

"Wow, and thanks for the advice on our cuckoo!"

"C'est super amusant!"

"What an amazing experience!"

"I was impressed with the selection here."

"A gem of a place!"

"It made history come back."

"I'm going to go bother my parents about their old clocks now."

"Thank you!  Love the bonus music."

"The most unique collection."

"Remember some of these clocks as a child."