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Breslin Industries (Toronto)

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Cast metal cowboy-on-horse windup clock (29 cm wide)

My early research indicated that Edward Breslin had started this Toronto-based company by the mid 1940s.  From the Dundurn Press web site (January 2015): “J. Edward Breslin [was] a Toronto-born business executive and a graduate of the University of Toronto in Commerce and Finance.  In 1939 he founded Breslin Industries Ltd., one of the country's leading manufacturers of lamps and shades“.  Samuel Breslin joined the company later.  They also made many molded metal products, including lead soldiers during WWII.


Breslin Industries' advertised product lines were all kinds of lamps, lampshades, and novelties (apparently including clocks).  These were typically sold in furniture and lamp stores, rather than in watch and jewellery shops where Snider clocks were found.  Based on directory listings, Breslin Industries remained in business at least to 1980, if not longer. 

But no clocks other than their 1950s horse-related designs have been found to date.


SEE the GALLERIES section for the examples now in the museum's Breslin clocks collection.