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The Pequegnat Clock Company of Canada

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Paul Pequegnat's copy of the original MONTREAL model Arthur Pequegnat mantel clock.

NOTE:  this section is not about The Arthur Pequegnat Clock Company that was in business a long time ago in Berlin / Kitchener, Ontario from 1904 to about 1941.  See our separate section and gallery for details and pictures for Arthur's company.


The Pequegnat Clock Company of Canada was set up by one of Arthur’s great grandsons, Paul Pequegnat, in 1984 in Manotick, Ontario (southeast of Ottawa).  He built and sold faithful reproductions of eight original Pequegnat wall models and twelve mantel models, and he created a new wall model and a new mantel model. 

Paul made the wood cases to exact scale and then installed imported German Hermle movements.  Perhaps a hundred clocks were produced over the period 1984 to mid 1997 when he died.

See the Galleries section on our site for more details about Paul's company and the high quality, custom-made clocks that he produced on order for his customers.