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Walter Clocks (Toronto)


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WALTER CLOCKS was a mid 20th century Canadian company located in Toronto in the 1930s - 1950s.  The main product was mantel clocks - all of the cases were made in Toronto.  The prewar / postwar paper label is always found pasted inside the back door and usually has the CLOCK STYLE NO. typed in.

At least a dozen different models were produced in the mid/late 1930s before WWII.  During that time, both time & strike and Westminster chimes spring-driven movements were imported from Britain and Germany.

The war meant that overseas movements were not available and so clock production stopped.  But many more models were made after WWII, from the late 1940s through to the late 1950s. 

The wood cases were designed and manufactured in his own Toronto factories by Walter Stonkus, a trained watchmaker who came to Canada from Lithuania in 1927.  The prewar models had walnut veneer cases and hinged back doors.  The removable round door on the back of the postwar models, mostly made with less expensive, stained birch wood, was Walter's own unique creation.


After the war, his son Bill installed many of the German Urgos time & strike and chimes movements in Walter's cases.  Production continued up to the late 1950s when the last of the Walter Clocks mantel clocks were made.


These Canadian-made clocks turn up occasionally on eBay and Kijiji, and also in antiques malls and flea markets, especially in Ontario.

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